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Option 1: 1 day trekking tour by Motorbike (9am-5pm)
– Start from Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY, go to Hospital cave, after go to Cat ba National Park, walking 3 hours.
– At 12.30am have lunch in the Vietnamese tradition Village and relax 30 minute.
– At 2pm go to visit Harbor and village Gia Luan.
– At 4.30pm visit and drink something in the Vubinh Stilthouse
!! Included: Motobike, Lunch, Ticket visit (Hospital cave, Cat ba national park), local guide can speak English & FREE dinner in the Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY – meal 1  !!
** Price: 20 US **
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Option 2: 1 day by Motorbike in Cat Ba + Thien Long Cave (9am-5pm)
– Start from Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY and go to Hospital cave.
– We will cross a suggestive wood bridge till Gia Luan temple and there you will learn something about meditation.
– At 12am have lunch in a vietnamese traditional Village and relax for 30 minutes.
– At 1pm go to visit Village Phu long and the incredible Thien Long Cave, with the possibility to go in underground tunnels, you can also climbing tree roots and listen the “stone music”.
– At 4.30pm go to visit Vu binh Stilthouse drink something and finish.
 !! Included: Motobike, Lunch, entrance Tickets (Hospital cave, Thien long cave), local guide can speak English & FREE dinner in the Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY – meal 1 !!
** Price: 26US **
Option 3: 1/2 day trekking tour – Go to visit Cat Ba Mountain
– Start 8am / 12 am, walking 4 hours on the mountain.
12.30am have lunch in the Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY.
 !! Included: Ticket, local guide can speak English, Lunch, 1 big water !!
**Price: 10US **
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Option 4: 1 day LAN HA BAY, Kayaking, Swimming, Snorkeling (8am-5pm)
– We meet at 7.45 at Buddha Belly Restaurant
– At 8am start in Cat Ba harbor and discover by boat the beautiful Lan Ha Bay and its fascinating limestone karsts.
– There is time for swimming and snorkeling. Also we explore the Lan Ha Bay by ourselves by kayak, where we have the chance to spot some animals
– At 1pm a delicious vegetarian or seafood lunch will be served on the boat
– At 2.30pm visit Monkey Island where we climb up the rocks to enjoy a stunning view or relax on the beach
– At 5pm comeback.
!! Included: boat, kayak, dry bag and snorkel mask, guide, lunch,
FREE dinner in the Restaurant BUDDHA BELLY- meal 1 !!
** Price: 20US **
Option 5: LAN HA BAY OVERNIGHT TOUR (24 Hours)
– We start at 8:30am at BUDDHA BELLY Restaurant and go to the harbor together
– We explore the beautiful Lan Ha Bay and fascinating limestone karsts by boat
– We visit the fishing village Viet Hai where we walk around for 2 hours
– Lunch, dinner and breakfast on the boat.
– There is time for swimming and snorkeling, also we explore the Bay by ourselves by kayak
– We can see floating fishing villages, enjoy the quiet atmosphere and gaze at the stars in the night
– The Tour ends when we arrive back at BUDDHA BELLY Restaurant at 8:30am the next day
!! Included: boat, ticket, kayak, dry bag, snorkel mask, guide, meals !!
** Price: 55US **
There is a shorter option available from 4:30pm until 8:30am for $38, without the visit to Viet Hai village and less time for kayaking.
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